Midweek Ramble

Things I have learned this week:

  • Being too ashamed to bring your shopping bags into the house because you already know your mom will go mental at you for spending your weeks wages on payday is a very bad sign.

  • As is trawling through products and clothes in shops that you don't even like just because you have money to spend.

  • Passing your theory test does not mean you are going to soon fulfil that aspiration of owning a mini. Especially since I have been trawling through products and clothes in shops that I don't even like just because I have money to spend.

  • Working in a job where you cook things that you don't necessarily agree with or believe in will (ever so slightly) quash your passion for food and make you rethink your career path.

  • Appreciate your siblings, they may just come home with a gorgeous new nail polish for you. (Catrice, Blues Brothers Vol. II, royal blue and sparkly, that'll do me fine sis!)

  • Feeling obliged to buy a product a makeup artist tries out on you does not mean that you have to part with your money if you're not 100% sure about the product. (Damn you Smashbox.)

  • Buying 3 for 2 on vitamins in Boots is mature and economical as well as beneficial for your general health. (Multivitamin x2 + Skin, hair & nails supplements = looking and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed in winter = win win.)

  • Trawling through food blogs and writing down recipes doesn't necessarily mean you will ever cook them.

  • Eating junk when you're usually a health conscious freak means youre hormonal, down in the dumps, or just being a typical girl.

  • Seeing a presidential candidate in the flesh will not make you re-think the importance of the presidential election to your future. No, Im still not voting for you. Hey ho.

  • Rude sales assistants will always be rude.

  • Ireland experiences one months worth of rain in 24 hours and it is declared a national epidemic.

  • Irish people make light of absolutely every situation. Which is ironic in this case as we are an island and flooding could literally kill us all.

  • Being happy and ploughing on with things will produce positive results in the long term.

    :) x


  1. I'm the EXACT same as you, money burns a hole in my pocket! The minute I have it, I spend it.. it's awful! :(
    Great post - very funny and true x

  2. Totaly agree with the first point, got into trouble this week. And the food blog one, I never make any of the things that I plan to. All of this is true haha x

  3. I do the same with money! Having money seems to make you think you must spend it! xx

  4. This gave me a good chuckle! Read it out to my mum and she was laughing too :) I get paid tomorrow and am gonna have to SERIOUSLY budget.

  5. Where were the rude sales assistants? I HATE rude sales assistants, there's no excuse to have some manners and to be polite!! I agree with the last point, it's what I tell myself everyday!

  6. Love this post Aoife :)

    Oh and i am a POLITE sales assistant (Promise!) ;o)

  7. Lol, these made me laugh!

    Btw, you are not alone in your spending habits. I, apparently in addition to most of the commenters here, am frequently skint approximately one week following pay-day. Someone should do a study on it lol!

    Nat x

  8. Great post, I need to quite the spending -.-

    Lucy x

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